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SERVICE BRICK is a modular, service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform for building microservices using C# .NET Core. It provides a templated design that exposes a standardized API that works the same, regardless of the backend storage provider. We offer many pre-built services, examples and provide source code so you can build your own bricks quickly.


WebApp or Containers

Build your infrastructure as a single project or multiple microservices using any distributed container platform.

Domain Driven Design

Our platform is based on a domain driven design using domain eventing integration points.

REST-based APIs

Expose standardized, REST-based, versioned API services with support for swagger for development testing.

CRUD-based Template API

Expose your domain objects utilizing repository patterns using Create, Read, Update and Delete methods.

Dynamically Query Data

Dynamically query data over service boundaries using our SERVICE QUERY product integration.

Service Bus

Service Bus asynchronous back-channel communication for resilient service messaging.

Business Rules

Generic business rule registration and processing provide customization of business workflows.

Advanced, Polymorphic Design

Advanced, polymorphic design utilizing generics for compiler code generation and simplified artifact creation.

Security and Membership

Standard .NET Identity built-in security features along with JSON web tokens allow microservices to standardize authorization.

Pre-Built Services

Create your infrastructure instantly using one of our many pre-built services.

Unit and Integration Testing

Utilize our NUnit test foundation to quickly test and stabilize your API services.

Storage Providers

Azure Data Tables

Azure Data Tables provides a cloud-based, NoSQL datastore for storing large amounts of structured data.

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, scalable, NoSQL database service for the cloud.

Azure SQL

Azure SQL is a cloud-based relational database engine built using Microsoft's SQL Server technology.

Entity Framework Core Integration

Use Microsoft's Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technology along with migrations to keep your models synced.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a world-class relational database engine used for building complex data structures.

MongoDB Integration

MongoDB is a cross-platform, non-relational, NoSQL document-oriented database engine.

SQL-Compliant Integration

Use relational database engines, such as Access, DB2, MariaDB, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Sybase and more coming soon!

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Global Footprint

Our products are available globally and are used in many countries

Iterative Development Cycles

We are continually updating our products with new features

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