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Easily query data over service boundaries
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SERVICE QUERY allows you to easily query data over service boundaries. It is a thin abstraction layer that exposes a model for building complex query expressions. The model is serialized over your API and SERVICE QUERY dynamically builds expressions to retrieve data with support for many popular storage engines.


Simple Object Model

Serialize a simple object model of properties, values and enums to achieve complex query expressions.

IQueryable and Expressions

Use the IQueryable and expression functions to dynamically build and execute your queries.

Works with List of Data

Load your objects into a generic List and easily query for the data you are searching for.

Entity Framework Core Integration

Use Microsoft's Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technology to quickly build queries against.

ANSI SQL-Compliant Integration

We can generate SQL-compliant queries based on the query expressions and metadata you supply.

Azure Data Tables

Azure Data Tables provides a cloud-based, NoSQL datastore for storing large amounts of structured data.

Azure Cosmos DB

Cosmos is a globally distributed, scalable, NoSQL database service.

Azure SQL and SQL Server

Build even more complex queries using nullability expressions and aggregates using world-class relational database engines.

MongoDB Integration

MongoDB is a cross-platform, non-relational (NoSQL), document-oriented database engine.

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