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HoloModular: Holographic Software for the Metaverse

Welcome to HoloModular

We are passionate about building the next generation of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality.

augmented and virtual reality

Open Source Company

We support the open-source community and release our core platforms under the MIT permissive license so that everyone can learn and share.

Driving Innovation

We are building cutting-edge, efficient, scaleable and maintainable software.

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Artificial Intelligence

We are using artificial intelligence and GPT to help increase productivity by training AI models on how to build our products.

artificial intelligence

ServiceBricks: The Microservices Foundation

ServiceBricks is a powerful microservices platform designed to streamline the development, deployment, and maintenance of distributed systems. ServiceBricks empowers teams to build robust, scalable, and highly customizable services tailored to their specific business domains.

Cloud Computing

Host and scale enterprise-quality solutions in the cloud or on-premise for your business.

microservices with databases

ServiceQuery: Data Querying using REST APIs

ServiceQuery is a universal data querying API for polyglot data access across SQL and NoSQL databases

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications extending your perceptions with devices like Microsoft HoloLens.

Investing in Future Technologies

Our goal at HoloModular is to develop new and innovative technologies to compliment an augmented and virtual reality world.

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Virtual Reality

Experience deep immersion with virtual reality devices like Meta Quest and Apple Vision.

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