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Site Map

About Us

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Holographic Software for the Metaverse

HoloModular LLC was founded in October 2021 in the State of Florida, USA. Our goal is to develop new and innovative technologies to compliment an augmented and virtual reality world. We are multi-disciplined experts in several fields, industries and technologies, which allows us to design, prototype, develop, test, and release products quickly. We offer a wide variety of products and consulting services to help individuals, start-ups, companies and government agencies be successful.

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Company Legal Notice

HoloModular LLC
Danny Logsdon, CEO
1700 San Pablo R S, Suite 602
Jacksonville, FL 32224, USA

Global Footprint

Our products are available globally and are used in many countries

Iterative Development Cycles

We are continually updating our products with new features

Email Customer Support

Let us know how we can help! We are here to help you be successful

Secure Online Payment

We encrypt all payment information for secure online transactions