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About HoloModular

HoloModular LLC was found October 2021 in the State of Florida, USA. Our goal is to develop new and innovative technologies to compliment an augmented and virtual reality world.

We are multi-disciplined experts in several fields, industries and technologies, which allows us to design, prototype, develop, test, and release products quickly. We offer a wide variety of products and consulting services to help you become more successful.

Interested in working with us? Let us know how we can help! Contact us at

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Holographic Software for the Metaverse

Board of Directors

danny logsdon
Danny Logsdon
Chief Executive Officer

Danny is an accomplished business executive and software architect with 25+ years' professional experience. He has helped numerous companies innovate and adapt to digital transformations in his career. He is chief scientist and author of our software products, ServiceBricks and ServiceQuery.

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Supporting Open Source Software

We support free and open source software and use the MIT permissive license for our core platforms so that everyone can learn and share.

Free as in Beer

Richard Stallman originally came up with the phrase "Free as in Beer" to describe software that is free as a matter of liberty, not price. We believe in this philosophy and have made our core software platforms free to use as well. Here is our take on it:

The recipe for beer is free. You can brew any type of beer you want, made from wheat, apples, honey or whatever you like. You can share your beer with your friends and family, or you can even sell the beer. The recipe for beer is free, you just have to add the water, ingredients and put in the work to follow the recipe.

We have developed technology that is the recipe for building microservices. You can use it to build any type of software you want with it. ServiceBricks and ServiceQuery is our brand that allow you to create microservices in seconds, instead of days or weeks. We are giving away the underlying recipe for building microservices for free, so that everyone may use it. Free as in liberty, free as in beer.

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