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Cloud Products

Enterprise-grade solutions for the cloud and your business.

ServiceBricks: The Microservices Foundation

ServiceBricks is a powerful microservices platform designed to streamline the development, deployment, and maintenance of distributed systems. ServiceBricks empowers teams to build robust, scalable, and highly customizable services tailored to their specific business domains.

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ServiceQuery: Data Querying using REST APIs

ServiceQuery is a universal data querying API for polyglot data access across relational (SQL) and document (NoSQL) database engines.

Augmented Reality Products

Augmented reality applications extending your perceptions with devices like Microsoft HoloLens.

Super Power Simulator: HoloLens 2

Imagine having super powers and being able to shoot laser beams, bullets, rockets and more from your hands! This HoloLens 2 prototype application showcases the use of spacial recognition, object collisions, impact animations, sound effects and more.

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Open Source

We support the open-source community and release our core platforms under the MIT permissive license so that everyone can learn and share.

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